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A free standing stove is a great and easy way to heat your home without the hassle of taking up too much space in your room. No finish work is needed making it very easy to install into your space

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Gas Stoves

Gas stoves can be tailored to your room size and the amount of heat you require. They come with many different options and many different colors to fit well in your home. They give you the look and feel of a classic wood burning stove without the hassle of loading wood. If you want to know more about free standing gas stoves, give us a call or stop by the showroom.

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Wood Stoves

A free standing wood stove is a great option for your home that did not already have a fireplace to begin with. These stoves can fit in any size room and be tailored to the amount of heat that you need. If you have any questions about free standing wood stoves give us a call or come on down to the showroom to look at our collection.

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Pellet Stoves

A free standing pellet stove can be installed into almost any room of your home. These stoves are very efficient and put off a lot of heat to keep you toasty on the cold winter days. If you have any questions about pellet stoves, give us a call or stop by the showroom to see them on display and feel the heat for yourself!

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